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Multiplex tests are now approved for use in Danish SPF herds
As of September 1st 2017 a new method for analyzing blood samples – Multiplex – has been approved for use in Red SPF Herds. The tests so far, are able to analyze for APP serotypes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12.
The test has been used in Blue SPF herds since February 1st 2017 with satisfactory results.
Multiplex is a new method of analysis developed by The Danish Veterinary Institute. The test method is similar to the ELISA and CF methods previously used, which are still valid.
The laboratory results are automatically transferred to the SPF database, as previously.
(September 1st 2017)

Red SPF herds will now have red status signs
Red SPF herds will from now on have red SPF signs, whereas the Blue SPF herds still will have the familiar blue signs.
Sundhedsstyringen hopes that this logical change will be received well by the users.
(8. June 2017)

PED now appears from Zoosanitary Status 
Several countries have been asking for facts concerning occurrence of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, PED, in Denmark when purchasing pigs – especially breeding stock.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, DVFA, has accepted PED – though not an OIE disease - to be part of the Zoosanitary Status.

PED has never occurred in Denmark. Please, note that PED has a note stating "Notification is pending”, as there is no legislation on PED in Denmark at the present time, and therefore  the applicable law awaits a revision.
(14. March 2017)

Zoosanitary status –free access

When purchasing breeding stock from Denmark, the SPF health status is of utmost importance. As important is the zoosanitary status, stating freedom from a wide range of OIE swine diseases as Foot and Mouth Disease and Classical Swine Fever.
As part of the ongoing project “SPF update” the decision has been made to show the zoosanitary status for swine in Denmark.
This information is now available here at our website www.spfsus.dk under “General knowledge” -> “Zoosanitary status” (lower left).
This overview has been compiled in consultation with Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.
We hope this feature will make purchasing of Danish breeding stock cross border easier and strengthen the confidence in the high Danish veterinary standard. 
(4. September 2017)

SPF-Trucks with UVC Air Cleaning System and HEPA Filter now have equal approval

Today we have two approved ventilation systems in SPF-trucks.
One is the classical HEPA filter which is built with a mechanical filter which removes all large particles, and after that there is an absolute filter that removes bacteria and viruses.
The second system is based on a combination between a mechanical filter and UV light – the so-called UVC system where the mechanical filter removes all large particles, and the UVC light then kills all bacteria and viruses in the inlet air.
The UVC System was approved by VSP´s sector board in March 2015. The two systems therefore now have equal approval in the Danish SPF system.

News from SPF-Sundhedsstyringen – Status June 2015


Based on the SPF Service Check project, Declaration for Oedema Disease is to be discontinued and Supplementary Health Information is to be cancelled from the SPF System.
See attached document


The announced changes of the SPF Health Rules will come into force Monday 18th of May 2015.
See attached document

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About Us

Sundhedsstyringen - in daily use called SuS.

Sundhedsstyringens task is to control and develope the SPF-system and to declare the health status in all pig herds, including salmonella informations.

Sundhedsstyringen is a unit in SEGES.

Sundhedsstyringen solves the tasks in a purely professionally basis, independent of commercial interests in the turnover and transport of pigs.

Sundhedsstyringen has made an agreement with pig producers, veterinarians and SPF-Haulauge contractors to follow the established SPF-Health rules and and SPF-Transport rules.

Sundhedsstyringen further shows the salmonellastatus and DANISH/QS-status for all danish pig herds. 


Bjørn Lorenzen

Manager, DVM, Certificate in Swine Health Management, MBA

Management, status management and SPF veterinary tasks.

Poul Moesgaard Jensen

Senior veterinarian

Status management, redevelopment plans, SPF veterinary tasks, course activities for the health department.

Tina Sefsiek Hansen

Senior veterinarian, Certificate in Swine Health Management

Status management, redevelopment plans, SPF veterinary tasks

Hanne Holm


Daily health status and administrative tasks for the health department.