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RaaTec AB approved producer of heat treated sphagnum 

RaaTec AB in Sweden is approved for production of heat treated sphagnum = peat moss for use in SPF herds. Production site is Mörarp with approval number 30.
(3rd. July 2020)

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Here you can plan your visit order, when you have to visit more pig herds at the same day.

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About Us

SPF Health is a part of Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

The task of SPF Health is to control and develope the SPF-system and to declare the health status in all pig herds, including salmonella informations.

SPF Health solves the tasks in a purely professionally basis, independent of commercial interests in the turnover and transport of pigs.

SPF Health has made an agreement with pig producers, veterinarians and SPF-Haulauge contractors to follow the established SPF-Health rules and and SPF-Transport rules.

SPF Health further shows the salmonellastatus and DANISH/QS-status for all danish pig herds. 


Anette Grodt Jessen

Anne Bak Pedersen

Bjørn Lorenzen

Charlotte Johannessen

Hanne Holm


Daily health status and administrative tasks for the health department.

Helene Bøgelund

Jane Rasmussen

Jessie Mikkelsen

Jørgen Møller

Kjeld Dahl Winther

Lene Kildahl Sørensen

Maiken Wellejus Albertsen

Marianne Munk Holler

Marie Søgaard Jensen


Status management

Nicoline Szymanski Vermundsen

Peter Arendt Nielsen

Susanne Dahl Kjærgaard

Senior Veterinarian, Team Manager

Tina Bach Nielsen

Tina Sefsiek Hansen

Senior veterinarian, Certificate in Swine Health Management

Status management, redevelopment plans, SPF veterinary tasks

Ulla Brøndum Østergaard